Star of the week


What is Star of the Week?

Star of the Week is a fun part of preschool where each child has their very own week dedicated to them!  When it is their week, a child can bring in their decorated Star poster (see below) and share it with the class.  There are sooo many skills involved with Star of the Week.  It covers asking and answering questions, communication and listening skills, raising hands, taking turns, empathy, and much more!

Family Opportunities

When your child is the Star of the Week, you are invited to come in and share their special week with them!  You can read their favorite story aloud with the class, show the class something your family does together, or volunteer to help with centers!  We want to honor your child during their special week and make the Star of the Week experience one that is memorable and exciting!  Please let Mikaela know what your plans are for Star of the Week.

Star of the Week Poster

The week before your child is scheduled to be the Star, a large poster board will be sent home.  Please return the completed poster by the next week.  The poster can be decorated ANY way your child wants because it is THEIR poster!  This means stickers, photos, collages, drawings, anything goes.  The point is not a perfect poster, but a child-directed poster they are proud of, telling who they are and what they like. 


Star of the Week Schedule-3 Year Old

Star of the Week Schedule-4 Year Old

Files coming soon.