Snack is offered each day in preschool (check your child's daily schedule for specific times).  Each snack contains 2 out of the 3 components: grain, milk/dairy, fruit/juice.  Each child is given the opportunity to eat snack, and is encouraged to do so, however, it is up to the preschooler if they choose to eat that day's snack or not.  We do not force children to eat any food or snack, but give them opportunities to partake if they so desire. See below for the snack menu for each month.  If your child has dietary restrictions, please inform a teacher.


If your child has a food allergy, please notify a teacher ASAP.  We want to ensure your child's safety and well-being in the classroom.

At this time, there are no known allergies in the 3 or 4 year old classroom.  There are currently no food limitations.


Birthdays can be a fun celebration-we like to celebrate with your child!  If birthdays are something your family celebrates, please notify Miss Mikaela on what your birthdays plans are.  You are welcome to send in birthday treats, but they are not required.  Tiger Tots is always happy to provide a birthday treat on your child's behalf as well.  If you do decide to send in treats,  please ensure they are store-bought and there are enough for everyone in your child's class.  If your child's birthday falls in the summer, we would be happy to celebrate a half birthday instead.  Please let us know when/if you plan to celebrate.  

There are currently ______ students in the 3 year old class and ______ students in the 4 year old class.   There are no food allergies at this time. 

Snack Menus

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