Learning Centers

Research proves that children learn best through play.  Learning (or play) centers are our favorite part of preschool because we get to learn while exploring!  We have 7 learning centers that are designed to challenge, invoke questions and exploration, promote discussion and support social growth.  All centers are open for at least 1 hour/day for each class.  We believe play is valuable, and critical for healthy early childhood development. 

About Our Learning Centers

Dramatic Play


Dramatic Play is a fun center where children can express themselves through drama and actions.  This tends to be one of the favorite centers because it changes throughout our studies and themes.  

Dramatic Play promotes self-help skills, routines, social studies, socio-dramatic play, and language skills.

Blocks Center


The Block Center is a fun place where kids can work on building, designing and creating different structures.  

Blocks help build our large and small motor skills and also help with sharing ideas and toys with others.  STEM is also a large part of this center.

Discovery Center


The Discovery Center is where we love to experiment and investigate using different tools and equipment.   Here students learn how to be a real life scientist!

Discovery promotes inquiry skills and much more!

Art Center


The Art Center is where students are able to really express themselves through the visual arts.  Here, students can be found working with their hands using paint, markers, clay, ink, glue, and just about anything else you can imagine! 

Art helps preschoolers to expand on things they see around them.  We also like to extend our units of study in the art center!



The Sand and Water (or sensory) Tables are very engaging and interactive.  Students are exploring different textures, colors, and sounds through play in this center. Our tables have either sand or water, mixed with other manipulatives and fun surprises!

The Sand and Water tables help with inquiry, math, literacy, and social-emotional skills.



Children can also play in the Toys and Games Center.  Here they can find puzzles, board games, manipulatives, and open-ended materials to create their own games.

Toys and Games promote social skills, math and literacy, and fine motor development.



Our Library and Writing Center is packed with opportunities for students to engage with letters and writing.  They are invited to explore books, write letters and draw pictures, retell or act about stories, and listen to stories being read to them.

The Library Center supports literacy, fine motor, and social development. 

Be By Myself Center


Sometimes we want some time to ourselves, and in preschool that is ok!  The Be By Myself Center provides a safe space for children to be alone in a protected area and work through some of their emotions.  Resources in the center include: a sand timer, books about different feelings, pictures of different emotions, puzzles, paper and drawing instruments, stuffed animals.